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If you can't see a physician in person, what options do you have? We've found a bunch of companies that allow you talk with a doctor using the technology you already have access to. Find out what's possible without even leaving your house.

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Here is everything you wanted to know about Curing Digital including what to expect and why it even exists. All in a nice, neat Q&A format.

Digital Healthcare Innovations Database

Be sure to check out the Digital Healthcare Innovations Database. As we’ve said many times, digital healthcare innovations are all around, but very few people know about them. This database is an attempt to fix that. We’ve included hundreds of innovations that we’ve uncovered and that you’ve submitted.

It’s all presented in a searchable, sortable table, so you can quickly browse or find exactly what you’re looking for. So, if you’re looking to catch up on what’s out there or need to do some very specific research, you can begin right here.